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Empower your team through improved health!

It's amazing how powerful change can be when experienced with a group of employees on the same mission.  The bonds and culture of the workplace are strengthened - while everyone benefits from improved health, vitality and accountability.  Improving employee health has been proven to improve work productivity, reduce turnover and increase employee life satisfaction.

I will work with you to customize wellness challenges and educational resources that speak to the needs of your business, team, or group.  Through our initial discussion we will determine employee and management goals, get an understanding of what hasn't worked in the past, and what the desired outcomes are.  We will measure outcomes utilizing surveys before and after to gain an understanding of how successful the program is.  Depending upon location, I can coach these programs either in person or virtually.

Your Custom Wellness Program


Start a Discussion

Have your company representative contact me to set up a Free Consultation. I will gather information to start designing your unique program.


Gather and Prepare

Next you will get information on the program, initial intake forms, and educational to create awareness within your team.  We'll gather information about and a headcount of the participants.


Program Kickoff!

We will have our first virtual information session as a group. 

During this session we will discuss the program, use of the app, how check-ins work and more.


Weekly Educational and Support Meetings

Each week we'll have 30 minute small group virtual discussions on the topic of the week.  We will focus on new education materials while discussing challenges, opportunities as well as setting new goals.  Topics will vary, but likely include:

Weight loss, stress reduction, personal environmental cleanups, improving sleep, habit creation, improving fitness, nutrition education, breath work and others topics based on the team's and company's goals. 

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