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Personal Training and Coaching

As your best online  personal trainer, I can help you achieve your fitness and health goals wherever it is that you train; at home, in your gym or outside in the mountains or the park.  By creating workouts and plans based on what equipment you have, your time available to train, and your work and life schedule I make it easy for you to do the optimal training you need based on your life and goals.


I’ll teach you how to exercise correctly and guide you on your nutrition, as well as coach you on how to train your mind to help you achieve your goals.  I specialize in helping people get stronger, move better, improve their mobility, recovery and balance.  ​​

Oftentimes athletes will seek me out, for safe, effective and practical strength training, to find potential holes in their current training plan, or to make them more "injury-proof".  Most of my experience over the past 13 years of personal training and group coaching has been with athletes of all walks of life who want to move better, get stronger, and maximize life as they age. Did I mention fun?  I do my best to find the sweet spot between doing the hard work, but also adding elements to make the work fun and rewarding.


1 X Zoom Training per week - $375/month

2 X Zoom Trainings per week $700/month

This includes:

  • 1 Time 45-minute Kick Off Training phone call.  As one of the best virtual personal trainers, I will establish goals, exercise history, equipment available, and training needs. 

  • 2 30-minute health coaching sessions each month for micro and macro goals. 

  • Monthly plan to work with your life, work and recreation schedule.

  • Email and text access in-between sessions.

  • Training plan evaluated and modified every 4 weeks or as needed.

  • Remote accountability through HIPAA compliant phone and/or computer app to monitor goal progress.

*In person training available for individuals and groups at your site. Travel rates to be determined based on your location.

*In person training available in the Logan area at the Sports Academy.

*Sliding scale payment options - if needed, please inquire.

Book a free 20 minute discovery call and let's discuss your goals 

CrossFit Equipment
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