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Experience and Training

Starting in my teens from playing soccer and racing multi-sport mountain races, up to now where I’ve embraced long days on foot and skis in the mountains, I’ve always made endurance adventures in the dirt, snow, and rock of the Western states a part of my life.


Through my work teaching thousands of classes and training athletes of all abilities and skills over the last 13 years, I have refined my techniques and enhanced my coaching skills to meet the individual needs of everyone I work with. I’m a lifelong learner, curious, and know that I can always improve my coaching craft, mindset, and health - regardless of age.

I believe in personal growth, learning and training with an outcome in mind, doing the best you can for the day you are in, and that small consistent actions done over time can equate to big accomplishments in all aspects of life. 


YOU have the capacity to achieve lifelong change and achieve your health, lifestyle, and fitness goals.  I would be honored to support and guide you on your individual journey.

Education, Certifications and Areas of Interest:

  • BS Mechanical Engineering University of Washington

  • Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach

  • Certified Personal Trainer, NASM

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified

  • Hardstyle Kettlebell Certified

  • The Ready State Movement and Mobility Level 1

  • Attended Climb Strong 3 Day Coaching Workshop

  • Gym Jones 2 Day Fundamentals Seminar

  • CrossFit Level 1 

  • CrossFit Gymnastics Course

  • Attended Steve Maxwell's Bodyweight Training and Mobility Course

  • IN PROGRESS - Oxygen Advantage Breath Work Coaching Certification


I could write pages about Adam, whom I have known as a trainer since 2009 where he worked with his business partner at the Inner Circle Gym in Wenatchee who sadly passed away a few years ago. Today, 13 years after I first met him, I am still training with him on a regular basis despite circumstances having replaced the physical gym for a virtual one.  And I cannot thank him enough for his time, energy and knowledge. An avid outdoorsman, he understands the value of fresh air, strength, flexibility and recovery. He is wise beyond his years.

As an older woman now my 70’s, it has become very clear to me that working with a trainer who wants to understand the individual rather than pay homage to a statistic, one who understands one's changing needs as one ages, and one who is willing to make the effort to creatively accommodate the curve balls that life sometimes throws cannot be overestimated.  He is a kind, encouraging, firm, understanding, well informed, articulate and an excellent communicator. If you are looking for someone to help you age gracefully with strength and determination, Adam is the trainer who can truly help you do this. 

If I were asked “in a sentence, what is it about his training that works for you?” I would say “well, besides everything, it’s that fitness is a journey and not an event”.  That really resonates with me and others like me.  You could be any age to understand this, I just happen to be in my 70’s!  - Alexandra Lewis-Lorentz, PhD (Ali)

Take a listen to me being interviewed on The Pure Living Family Podcast

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